T-fal-533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster Review

T-fal has discovered in 1956 from then until today it is one of the best cookware maker companies of the whole world. T-fal has offered you a range of innovative solutions all along these years and thanks to you, we have become the world leader in non-stick cookware and a world leader in irons, cooking appliances, pressure cookers, food and drink preparation appliances, and scales.

As a result, “T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster” started our endless pursuit of innovation, and since, we have been aiming at finding the newest solutions to change your life.

T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster

Bread is the most popular and tasty breakfast. It can be served with many things like butter, jam, jelly or freshly made egg omelet. If you wake up in the morning and your delicious bread is ready in just minutes, there is nothing relaxing than that. And if you are a bread lover this can be your wildest dream which comes true in a few minutes. And with this T-fal toaster machine, it is possible and your delicious bread is ready to serve without your knowledge.

It has a slanted design which provides effortless viewing of bread while toasting and safe and easy removal of toast. For more convenience, the T-fal 5332002 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster also features a high lift lever to remove easily your toasts and comes with a crumb-door for easy cleaning. The toaster has beagle function that toasts only one side, Please turn off the beagle function so that the machine will be able to toast both sides.

Now you can enjoy 4 crispy toasts browned to your preference, all thanks to the T-fal 5332002 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster. This machine’s 6 different browning settings enable a precise and adjustable browning control.

The T-fal Classic Avante Toaster features a Bagel function that toasts the outside and gently warms the inside of the bread, the perfect way a bagel should be toasted. You can choose different settings on both sides of the toaster for multiples browning preferences because each set of slots is being independent.

Product Information

  • Product dimensions: 11.5 * 10 * 8.6 inches.
  • Item weight: This toaster is 7 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: T-fal.
  • Item model number: 1500533250.
  • Material Type: Metal.


  • slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • 6 electronic browning-control settings.
  • Easy cleaning and control.
  • Great looks.
  • Durable.

Best Features

  • It is a 4-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting.
  • The T-fal Classic Avante Toaster features 6 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark ‘.
  • The toaster includes bagel which toast only once side, Reheat, and Cancel functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread.
  • It also includes crumb-door for easy cleaning; Safe-to-touch exterior; Cord storage on base of the unit; Carrying handle.

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How To Use T-Fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster?

The toaster is a simple and user-friendly kitchen device. Use a toaster to lightly cook slices of bread so that they are darker, crispier, and tastier. First, you will need to adjust the knob to choose how dark you want your toast. And then, slide your toast into the toasting slots and depress the lever on the front of the appliance. Wait for the toast to cook and keep your nose open to make sure that bread isn’t burning. The toast is done when the lever pops back up.

  1. First, slide one slice of bread into each toaster slot. And you can also toast just one slice of bread. For that, choose a slot, and slide it in. Doesn’t matter, the direction you orient the slice in, but most people like to insert it bottom-first. You can also toast many other dishes other than bread but stick to toasting bread slices until you are more comfortable using the appliance.

2. Second, Set the toasting level. Use the adjustment knob of the toaster on the front of the appliance to choose how dark you want the toast to be. The dial runs from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lightest and 5 being the darkest on most toasters. You need to consider setting the dial somewhere in the middle: 2 or 3. This way, if the toast is not dark enough, you can always toast it again and again. There are other toasts which have options for waffles, toast, and bagels. For that, choose the setting that best matches whatever it is that you’re toasting.

3. ThirdlyLower the lever to start the toasting cycle. Wait for your food to toast and keep your nose peeled to smell for burning! The toasting process should not take longer than a minute or two, depending on how dark you want the toast to be. Hold the top corner of the toaster down while you lift the lever up, to pop the toaster manually. You should only do this if your toasts start to burn.

4. Fourth, Remove the food. Once the lever pops back up, it means that the toasting cycle is done. The toaster may “ding.” Take the toast out using your fingers or a set of wooden tongs and then, put your favorite spread onto your toast before consuming! Never use anything metal to take the toast out or you may electrocute yourself because it is an electric machine.

How To Clean T-Fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster?

Every appliance you use in the kitchen need to clean regularly. Toaster machine is no different. When you use a toaster machine you need to clean it regularly. If you don’t clean it there will gather dust and extra bread which will cause damage to the toaster machine. Maybe crumbs build up in a toaster over time, so you should periodically deep clean your toaster so it works properly. To clean a toaster machine, remove the crumb tray from the bottom and clean that first and then, clean the interior and exterior. When you are done, your toaster will be fresh, clean, and ready to use.

Before cleaning, maintaining or storing the toaster machine, unplug the toaster and leave it to cool down. For cleaning outside of the toaster and the power cord, use a soft cloth or a slightly damp sponge and detergent, then dry it all over. And to clean the crumb tray, remove it and wipe with a damp cloth. Do not put this tray in the dishwasher. For maintain the toaster, never use harsh detergents, metal utensils or abrasive scouring pads. And never touch the heating element.

What Is The Best Material For T-Fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster?

There are many toasters with different kind of materials like metal, still, stainless steel, iron, etc. All of them are good but among the stainless steel and metal are best for a toaster machine. They are durable, strong and long-lasting.

What Are The Parts Of A Toaster?

There are many parts of Toasters and toaster ovens are constructed from a long list of intricate parts that includes a heating element, spring, bread rack, heat sensor, trip plate, level, a timing mechanism, electromagnet, catch, and browning control. These various parts are constructed on-site from a variety of metals and molded plastics.

How To Choose The Best Toaster?

There are so many toasters out there in the market. But it is hard to choose the best one for you. To find the best toaster for your needs, here are the main factors to consider in your search.


  1. In considering the ideal size of your toaster, you have got three questions to consider:
  2. How many slices do you need to be able to toast at once?
  3. How big do you want the slots to be?
  4. How much counter space do you have available in the kitchen for a toaster?


Cost is another aspect you should check before you select your toaster machine. It is a really important fact. You need to balance between your choice and your budget.


The main thing you need to figure out to identify the best toaster for you is what you want to use this machine for. If you only want to use your toaster machine for toasting things, but the list of things you have in mind extends to bagels, English muffins, waffles, different types of pastries, and pop tarts, then you need to have that list in mind before you start your searching


Some simpler toasters will come with basic settings for light, medium, or dark toast. For most of the consumers, those are all you need, but some more sophisticated models will come with a wider range of setting options. It is important to be sure what you need and looking to find the best one.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Most of the toaster machines are pretty simple to use, at least once you figure out which setting you prefer to make your toast on and which may involve some trial and error. Having the right settings will make things simpler and making sure you buy one in the right size that can make as much toast as you want at once will make your mornings easier.

Cleaning toasters is a bit more complicated and having a crumb tray makes keeping them clean a little easier, and a toaster oven with a nonstick interior will be easier to clean than one without.


Durability is another most important aspect of the best toaster machine. A good toaster should last you several years. To find out whether or not a toaster you are considering is likely to perform well on the durability front, take some time to check out the reputation of the brand and some reviews from past customers. A few toasters and countertop ovens will come with warranties to provide some extra peace of mind with after-sale customer care.

What Can You Make With The T-Fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster?

There is a thinking that a toaster is only used for toasting and without this it is useless. But this is totally wrong. You can make many things without it. Here are seven things are given below, you probably didn’t know you could make in a toaster: 1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich, 2.Veggie Burgers, 3. Garlic Bread, 4. Panini’s, 5. Reheated Pizza, 6. Leftover French Fries and 7. Onion Rings and, DIY Tortilla Chips. There are many more options with the toaster, so don’t think like ancient people and get your toaster machine now and enjoy these dishes.

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