Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipes With Spinach & Cheese

This Stuffed chicken breast dish is one of our favourite recipes ever. This bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breast is stuffed with Swiss cheese and spinach and then baked until tender and juicy.


  • Four boneless, skinless chicken breasts and they are about 1 1/2 pounds total.
  • One teaspoon kosher salt, divided
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 2 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1 (10-ounce) box frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed to remove excess moisture
  • 1/2 small sweet onion, grated
  • One clove garlic, minced
  • Two tablespoons olive oil
  • One tablespoon unsalted butter
stuffed chicken breast recipes



  1. Gather everything, all ingredients, and appliance you need to cook your dish. And start with preparation: clean everything, all appliance, and ingredients. Then peel and cut the onion and cut the chicken. And wash it with the cleaning water. Remove any waste on the chicken.
  2. Make a pocket in the chicken breasts and season. Place a chicken breast on a cutting board. And Then Press a hand on top of the breast and carefully insert the tip of a chef’s knife into the thickest part of the chicken breast. After that Cut, an opening about 3 inches wide, then cut 3/4 of the way through the breast to create a pocket without cutting all the way through. Repeat with the remaining breasts thoroughly dry the chicken on all sides with paper towels—season on all sides and inside the pockets with 1/2 teaspoon of the salt.
  3. Make the filling. Combine the cream cheese, mozzarella, spinach, onion, garlic, and remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt in a small bowl and mix until well-combined.
  4. Stuff the chicken breasts. Spoon the filling into the pocket of each chicken breast.
  5. Heat the oil over medium-high heat in a large skillet. Heat the oil in a 10-inch or larger skillet (preferably straight-sided and not nonstick; cast iron is a great option) over medium-high heat until shimmering, about 3 minutes.
  6. Carefully add the chicken to the hot pan and cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Then Swirl the pan just before adding the breasts to distribute the oil evenly. Carefully add the chicken and do not touch, poke, or move the chicken for 5 to 7 minutes. And then if you try to turn the chicken and it feels stuck, it isn’t golden and crispy or ready to flip.
  7. Flip the chicken and cook until it reaches 165°F, 5 to 7 minutes more. After that, flip the breasts over and add the butter right between them. Then Pick up the pan and give it a gentle swirl to distribute the melting butter. Cook until they reach an internal temperature of 165°F, 5 to 7 minutes more.
  8. Slice and serve. And the Remove the chicken breasts to a plate or clean cutting board. Let rest for 3 minutes before slicing and serving.

Recipe notes

Storage: Leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container up to 4 days.

Note: When your dish is cooked, you need to decorate it to look attractive and tastier. There are no rules or regulation for decorations. You can decorate it with your own choice, the way you like it or want to serve. But cucumber, carrot, tomato, and latus are some main ingredients for decoration. Wash some carrot, cucumber, and latus. Cut them and put the chicken on a large plate, decorate it with them and serve it.

Nutrition Info

Nutrition for food is the most vital part. Foods without nutrition are useless, and no one wants to have it. We eat food because of nutrition. Nutrition gives us the necessary energy and vitamin for our body. So healthy food must have good nutrition facts in it. The nutrition of this dish is given below:

Serving Size: 1 (347 g)

Servings per Recipe:  Calories 409.4, Calories from Fat 181, Total Fat 20.1 g, Saturated Fat 6.7 g, Cholesterol 190.7 mg, Sodium 805 mg, Total Carbohydrate 15.4 g, Dietary Fiber 3.2 g, Sugars 1.7 g, Protein 41.5 g.

Serving Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast:

I like to serve filled chicken breasts sliced; this shows off your hard work and also prevents diners from squishing all the filling out with their fork. After you’ve rested the breast for five minutes after cooking, slice the breast with a clean knife and serve immediately.

Why Stuff a Chicken Breast at All?

Chicken breasts have become such a ubiquitous dinner staple that they run the risk of getting boring week after week. Stuffing a chicken breast is both fun and flavorful at the same time. Splitting the breast helps both sides cook more quickly and evenly, and the filling adds moisture and flavour to the meat. Besides being easy, this stuffing chicken breast dish is also impressive enough to serve to guests.

Filling the Chicken Breasts: The Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Split the breast and season with salt. And then use a sharp knife to make a pocket in each breast, then season each breast inside and out with salt.
  • Make the filling. Grate the cheese and onion. Mix the cream cheese, spinach, and garlic and add the grated cheese and onion.
  • Fill the breast. Use a soup spoon or your hands to scoop the filling into the pocket of each breast.
  • Pin the breast closed. Use a toothpick to hold each pocket closed by inserting it on either side of the pocket.
  • Brown the breasts. Brown the breast in a large Fryer Pan until golden on each side and the breast reaches 165°F in the thickest part.

For Your Information:

  • This recipe calls for four large boneless, skinless breasts in the 6-ounce range, for a total of about 1 1/2 pounds.
  • You’ll need a block of frozen spinach thawed according to the package instructions and a block of cream cheese too.
  • The recipe below calls for mozzarella for the filling, but any dry, semi-soft cheese like cheddar, provolone, or Gouda can be used too.

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