Pour Over VS French Press: Which Brewing Method Is Better?

Pour Over Coffee Maker VS French Press

Both Pour-Over Coffee and French Press are very popular coffee makers. They are famous for their unique brewing method. With them you will get the traditional and classic flavor but which one is best and which one has the winner crown at its peak?

If you want to find out, check out the detailed description about these two coffee makers in my post of the Pour-Over Coffee VS French Press article below.

Pour Over and French Press Coffee Maker’s Overview:

To know which one is best and which one will be perfect for your kitchen, first you have to know them. Here are the overviews of them.

Bodum 11571-109 Pour Over Coffee Maker

I Am Highly Recommended – Bodum 11571-109 Pour Over Coffee Maker.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker Overview:

The Pour-Over coffee maker is a classic coffee maker which is also known as filter coffee or manual drip. Although discovered earlier, this coffee maker became popular in 1920. It is a very old but popular coffee brewing method. This is a simple but elegant way of making a delicious cup of coffee.

This coffee-making method is also known as an ‘infusion brewer’. In this method, coffee is extracted by freshwater which is infused or continuously poured through the coffee grinds.

How Pour-Over Coffee Maker Works:

To make coffee with the Pour-Over Coffee Maker, you have to pour hot water over the coffee grounds which are already in the coffee filter. Its filter sits in a cylindrical shape and when the hot water pours over it the hot water passes into the coffee ground and the filter.

And coffee grounds settle in the bottom of the filter but do not pass through it, only the coffee will drop into the pot. In this way, the coffee grounds will not be oversaturated with the hot water and you will get perfect coffee every time.

Coffee Brewing Time:

Pour-over is one of the easiest and quickest ways to brew coffee. It will take only a few minutes to make a fantastic cup of coffee. Around ten minutes will be enough if you want to brew coffee with a pour-over coffee-making method. Within ten minutes your entire coffee-making method will be complete for sure.

But the time can differ according to the coffee beans you are using to make the coffee. The dark roasted beans will take two and a half to three minutes and lightly roasted beans will take three to four minutes.

The Brew Control:

In this method, coffee brewing is totally in your control. You will control the entire process like pouring the hot water’s speed and quantity. But I would suggest you pour the hot water slowly but too slow that can dry the coffee grounds.

When you first pour hot water over the coffee grounds, it will allow the coffee to bloom. And to then steadily pour the rest of the hot water through the coffee grounds to get the desired taste and texture.

Coffee Brewing Result:

Coffee brewing result is the first and most important part of the coffee-making process because if your coffee is not good, all your time, efforts and coffee grounds will be wasted. So, the result should be perfect, not too bold, not too bitter, or not overpowering.

It should have a smooth taste but without any coffee grounds mixing. So, that you can enjoy the best coffee experience.

Used Materials of the Brew:

Materials are also a significant part of the process, without them, you cannot brew your coffee. The pour-over coffee method required:

Hot Water

Coffee beans

A Scale

A Coffee Filter (like immersion brewing)

A Coffee Grinder (it could be manual or electric)

Pour-Over Coffee Maker’s Available Size:

If you want to know about the available size of those coffee makers, believe me, you will not disappoint. Whether you want a single one serving machine or a large four serving machine, it has them all.

Pour-Over coffee maker’s size starts from 13g or 0.5oz single serving to 63g or 2.13oz four serving big coffee machines. You can choose any size according to your need. They are also very strong and durable.

So, just identify the amount of coffee you want in a day and get a coffee maker according to that.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker is Easy to Use:

A pour-Over coffee maker is really easy and simple to use. Anyone can make coffee using it on the first attempt. And if you know how to use a standard drip coffee maker, I can assure you that you will not have any problem using it.

It will give you an extra advantage. The coarseness of the grind and brewing time limit of the process needs the most attention.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker’s Price Range:

Like the size, the Pour-over coffee maker also comes in various price ranges. From low-range to expensive, pour-over has all price machines for you. There are hundreds of them available online and you can buy them right from your home.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Pour-Over Coffee Maker:

Pour-Over is a fantastic coffee maker which has lots of benefits. Although it is a great coffee maker but is not free from flaws. Here I have described the advantages and disadvantages of the pour-over coffee maker.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker Can produce a light and nuanced coffee.It needs paper filter
It produces clean, balanced coffee flavorsSome brew takes 6 to 7 minutes
It is very easy to use 
It is very easy and fast to clean 
It is very simple but strong 
It is perfect for flash chilled iced coffee 

If you are searching for a coffee maker that comes with smooth-tasting coffee similar to a drip coffee but simple to use, the Pour-Over coffee maker is ideal for you.

Important Note for Pour-Over Coffee Maker:

Always keep your Pour-Over coffee maker neat and clean.

Always make sure to pour the water consistently because the flavor of the coffee depends on it.

During extraction, make sure to keep coffee grinds immersed in the water.

And at the end, make sure to aim for a flat grind bed.

French Press Coffee Maker Overview:

French Press is another great coffee maker which is famous for its rich and heavy flavored coffee. In 1929, first, it was designed in Italy. Since then it has become popular throughout the whole of Europe and the United States.

French Press has several names, such as French Press, Coffee Press, Caffettiera a Stantuffo, Coffee Plunger, and Cafeteria. Although known by various names, it is a very famous brewing method known for its inexpensive way of making delicious coffee.

Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

I Am Highly Recommended – Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

How French-Press Coffee Maker Works:

French Press uses an immersion method to make coffee where coffee grounds dip into the hot water. And after separating the coffee grounds from the liquid your coffee is ready to serve.

To make coffee with a French press, simply add coffee grounds into the carafe and pour hot water into the carafe. Then let the blend steep. After that, push down the plunger of the machine and separate the coffee grounds from the liquid. You are done.

Brewing Time of French Press Coffee Maker:

The French Press coffee maker’s brewing time depends on a few factors, such as how your coffee beans are roasted, how you want your coffee, dark or light, etc. But its working process is also fast and makes coffee in just minutes.

It will only take three to eight minutes to complete the full brewing circle. You can easily make a fresh and delicious cup of coffee.

The Brew Control of the French Press Coffee Maker:

The brew of the French press coffee maker is also in your hand, you will control the full brewing process. Use a thermometer to make sure the water temperature is around 195-degree Fahrenheit. 

And then pour little hot water over the coffee grounds but don’t pour all the water at once. Once you have poured little hot water, wait and keep an eye on the carafe. If you see any foam-like substance on the top let it sit for 30 to 45 seconds.

It will allow coffee grounds to bloom and enhance the flavor. And then pour the rest of the hot water into the carafe. And your coffee is ready.

The Brew Result of the French Press Coffee Maker:

Next comes the brew result of the coffee maker. The result will be defined by the flavor of the prepared coffee. The brew result directly affects the result. If your coffee tastes good your brew result comes out great.

But you can also change the flavor of the coffee. For that, you will have to let the coffee grounds dip in the hot water for eight minutes. It will give a strong flavored coffee.

Used Materials in French-Press Coffee Maker:

There are very few ingredients needed to make coffee in a French Press coffee maker. You will need:

French Press Coffee Maker

Hot Water

Coffee Grounds

A Coffee Grinder (Electric or Manual)

A Scale

A Measuring Cup

Timer and Thermometer

Available Size of the French-Press Coffee Maker:

When it comes to the size, the French press coffee maker comes in various sizes. It is available from the one-cup travel-sized coffee machine to the 12-cups party-size coffee machine. You can choose any one from them according to your needs and enjoy fresh coffee every day.

Price Range of the French-Press Coffee Maker:

French press coffee makers are available at different prices. From high range to low range, you will find all types of coffee maker. They are very strong and durable. French-Press coffee makers are also available online, you can select and order from there.

The French-Press Coffee Maker is Easy to Use:

It is another great but easy-to-use coffee machine. Anyone can make coffee using this coffee maker even if he/she has minimal experience in coffee making. And as soon as you learn how to make the coffee, you will be able to make coffee using a French-Press coffee maker.

Advantage and Disadvantage of The French-Press Coffee Maker:

And at the end comes the good and bad side of the French press coffee maker. Advantages and disadvantages will give you more information and clear your view on the coffee maker. Here they are:

French Press has a very simple brewing processCleanup is easy but take little time
It produces very flavorful coffeeTake time to brew coffee
It did not waste paper because it does not need a filterSometime Produce complex flavor
It requires little extra gear 
It is very affordable 
It is perfect for making cold coffee 

If you like rich, bold-tasting coffee, The French-Press coffee maker is ideal for you.

Important Note for French-Press:

After every use, make sure you have cleaned your Franc-Press thoroughly.

Never leave coffee in the French-Press for too long.

Always try to explore new tastes and methods.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker VS French-Press Coffee Maker:

Pour-Over Coffee MakerFrench-Press Coffee Maker
Pour-Over coffee makers use infusion brewing methods.French-Press coffee makers use immersion brewing methods.
It became popular in 1920In 1929, first, it was first designed in Italy.
It uses light roasted coffee beans.It uses dark roasted beans.
It is easier to use than French-Press.It is a little harder to use than Pour-Over.
It is ideal for those who like smooth coffee with pleasant flavor.It is ideal for those who like rich, bold tasting coffee.

FAQ – Pour Over Coffee Maker VS French Press

Is Pour-Over Better than French-Press?

Pour-Over coffee makers make smooth and flavorful coffee which is why people love this coffee maker. And the lack of grit is also considered a great advantage of a pour-over coffee maker.

If you talk about the useability, pour-over is much easier to use than French-press. It is also easier to clean and maintain. So, Yes, pour-over is better than French-press.

What is so Special about Pour-Over Coffee?

The brewing method of the pour-over makes it special than others. It uses the infusion brewing method which increases and enhances the most intricate flavors. It allows the coffee flavors and aroma to flourish and shine.

But many famous and high-range coffee makers fail to do that. They only provide the same consistent flavor. This is why pour-over is a popular choice for most people.

What Is The Difference Between Pour-Over and Drip Coffee?

Although Pour-Over and Drip coffee provide similar results there are some differences between them. To know them better you have to identify the difference between them.

In the Pour-Over methods, you will have full control over the pouring style, amount, and speed. So, you can pour it according to your requirements instead of leaving it to a machine. You can also control your coffee water’s temperature. It is also very easy and simple.

In Drip coffee methods, drip coffee maker does it all, it takes full control. You will command the machine, and it will make coffee for you according to its program. So, in this method, the handmade flavor is missing.

Which Coffee Brewing Method is Better?

Everyone is different so their likes, dislikes, and tastes. Some like hot coffee while others like cold coffee. But when it comes to choosing the brewing method, I will go with Pour-Over brewing methods.

It is simple, fast, and provides some fantastic coffee. As I like smooth coffee, according to me, Pour-Over is the best brewing method.

Can You Use Regular Coffee Filter for Pour Over?

The straight answer is yes. You can use a regular coffee filter on the pour-over coffee maker. In the pour-over method, you will control everything, so it completely depends on you which type of filter you will use.

There are various types of coffee filters available. For your coffee maker, You can use the built-in metal filter, cloth filter, or even paper filter. Paper filters also work great.

Does French Press Coffee Increase Cholesterol?

French Press is a well-known coffee-making method. This familiar method is known all over the world for its rich and bold coffee. But if you want to know about its effect on cholesterol here it is…

Drinking a little amount will not harm you but you have to be careful about the amount. If you drink too much coffee, some health issues will surely come up including increasing cholesterol.

If you regularly drink five cups of French Press coffee will increase the cholesterol in your blood. It can increase cholesterol by six to eight percent.  The researchers found that in their research.

Should Coffee Beans be Dull or Shiny?

When you buy coffee beans from the market, you will notice that all of them are shiny. This shine comes from the oil. All commercial coffee maker manufacturers use oil rubbing to make their beans shinier to attract customers.

But it is not good for health because the rubbing process also rubs the bean’s upper skin and you will lose its natural goodness. So, I would suggest you buy natural and organic beans to get the best flavor and texture.


Since the 1920s French Press is one of the most popular coffee makers and gains a lot of appreciation all over the world, on the other hand, the Pour-over coffee maker is most popular for its hassle-free simple way of making coffee. Both of them are great in their ways. You can select any of these two.

But if you ask me, I will go with a pour-over coffee maker. It is fast, easy, and simple to use. But the most interesting fact about Pour-Over is its light and smooth flavor coffee.

Are you still confused and thinking it would be best to see some more options? Don’t worry, we got your back for you. Read our Best Nespresso Machine Reviews Here.

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