How to Properly Dispose of Kitchen Knives Safely – 6 Crucial Hacks

how to properly dispose of kitchen knives

Knives are one of the most frequently used cutleries in the kitchen. Depending on the design and use, there are different types of knives. For effective and efficient cutting, we sharpen knives frequently.

However, because of their sharp blades, knives are among the most dangerous objects to handle or dispose of. When you acquire a new set of knives, you might want to dispose of your old set. You may also wish to declutter your kitchen, and knives are part of your waste.

Disposing of sharp knives present a risk of injury or any harm to the people and your family. Before dropping the sharp blade into your bin, you have to consider all safety options. A poorly disposed knife can cause cuts.

They can break waste packages, destroy containers, and they can also destroy some waste disposal machines. Once you have a collection of knives you want to dispose of, check all its conditions, and decide on the best way to get rid of them.

In many instances, you may not need to throw them away. There are alternative ways in which you can dispose of your unwanted knives than thrashing them away.

6 Ways to Dispose of Kitchen knives:

how to properly dispose of kitchen knives

DonateConsider is donating your unwanted knives to the local charities. Your trash can be another man’s treasure. If your knives are still in good condition, they can be reused. You can find out from local charities if they would take such donations.


If you are mindful of trying to reuse and recycle where possible, you could also consider donating your knives (if in good, useable condition) to a good cause. Some examples of this include:

  • A local homeless shelter or soup kitchen where food is prepared.
  • A local culinary or food technology, college, or school.
  • A Chef’s apprenticeship scheme.

If they are particularly good quality, vintage or valuable knives, you could also consign them for auction – check with your local auctioneer to see if they will take them. You could make a profit from them or donate the proceeds. I occasionally visit auction houses and have seen professional grade sets of knives sold from time to time.


And if you want you can resell your knife for a small price. Many knife-sharpening shops can buy used knives. The shops later use them as spare parts for knife repairs. The knife sharpener can also sharpen them and resell for a reasonable price. Look out for a knife sharpener, propose to sell your knives, and you could be pleased to make some cash out of it.


If your knives are too old to donate or cannot be re-sharpened, you can have them recycled. If they accept knives in their workshop, Visit your local recycler and inquire. Most recyclers take metals and other used household appliances for recycling. The knife’s blade could be smelted and used to make other items. The handles can also be modified to create other things.

Sell It As Scrap Metal:

You can sell them to scrap metals even if you cannot donate, sell, or recycle your knives. Some knives are made of valuable metals that will fetch you some extra cash by selling them to scrap metal shops. Most scrap metal handlers can purchase any metal. However, some metals will fetch more money than others will.

Dispose of them as garbage

This is the last option you would pick if you cannot apply any of the above four methods. You can only dispose of it at the garbage alongside your household trash. Before you dispose of it, check out if there are restrictions in your locality for disposing of sharp objects such as knives. Some counties have put restrictions and laws on disposing of sharp objects.

Hand Them To The Local Police

In some jurisdictions where disposing knives in the bin is illegal, the safest way to dispose of your unwanted knives is handing them over to the administration. It ensures that the knives do not get to the wrong hands or get misused.

Whichever method you choose to get rid of your unwanted knives, it is important to ensure that they safe for handling. A knife that is poorly disposed of poses a risk of cutting an unsuspecting handler. Secure your knives and avoid injuries.


Ways Of Securing A Knife Before Disposing:

Wrap In A Knife Bag

If you are handing knives over for reuse, this is a very decent way to package knives. It is not only presentable but also very safe. If you have an old knife bag or can afford to buy one, this will be a secure way of handing over or sending a knife package.

Wrap In A Newspaper Or Old Clothes

Wrap in a newspaper or old clothes; this is the easiest way to dispose or package used knives. You can find used newspapers easily around your home. Until it is thick and you cannot feel the blade, Take some newspaper pieces and wrap them around the blade.

Secure the newspaper with duct tape when the blade is thickly padded. The tape will help the newspaper to stay in place and make the knife package safe. You can use old clothes to wrap the knife, in the absence of a newspaper.

Use A Cardboard:

You can secure a knife with cardboard. Look for a piece of cardboard that is longer and larger than the blade of the knife. If you can find thick cardboard, you can use it as well. For the first option, place the knife on the cardboard and fold the cardboard over it. Hold it tightly and secure it with strong tape. If you have thick cardboard, stick the knife into the cardboard. The cardboard should hold the blade is firmly to ensure that the knife cannot fall out before disposing of it.

Put it In A Plastic Container.

You can also safely dispose of a knife in a plastic container. Get a used drink bottle and cut the top open. Make sure you cut only a small opening so that the knife does not fall out. Put the knife inside the container with the blade facing the bottom of the container. You can wrap some newspaper over the blade before putting it inside the container.

Use A Bubble Wrap

To secure a knife for disposal, Bubble wrapping is one of the best options. Wrap the bubble wrap around the blade and secure it with duct tape to prevent it from unraveling. The bubble wrap safely cushions the blade, making it safe for any disposal.

Whether you choose to donate, resell, recycle, or sell it to scrap metal, you want to dispose of the bin or hand it over as amnesty at your local station, make sure to dispose of your unwanted knives safely. Wrap your knives firmly and securely so that the wrapping will not fall off and expose the blade. During the knives’ disposal, Safety consideration is very important.

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