How to Make Espresso with a Coffee Maker?

How to Make Espresso with A Coffee Maker

Have you ever thought about having a cup of espresso with an ordinary coffee maker? Looks like a dream, right? Well, not anymore.

Now you don’t have to waste lots of money on a coffee shop or knock on a neighbour’s door to enjoy a good shot of delicious espresso. With an ordinary traditional coffee maker, you can make fantastic Italian espresso at home anytime.

Having an espresso with a simple coffee maker is like a dream comes true, especially for espresso lovers. But it is possible in real life. You can easily make one of the best-quality Italian coffee with simple everyday brewing equipment.

In this article, I have brought together everything you need to know to make espresso using a coffee maker, along with a few easy and fast methods.

How to Make Espresso with a Coffee Maker?

The espresso was first invented in 1884. Since then, espresso gained lots of appreciation and lovers throughout the whole world. It has become one of the most popular drinks.

Some people drink espresso to wake their brains, and some to refresh their minds. No matter why you drink espresso, there are some important factors you need to do before you start the main process, like arranging all the ingredients.

So, keep reading to know the whole process of how you can make a hot cup of Italian coffee from your home with simple home equipment.

easy ways to make espresso with a coffee maker

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Preparation for Espresso:

To know how to make the perfect espresso, you have to understand the three most important aspects. The taste of your espresso depends on them.

Roasting, grinding, and required pressure to brew are the three main specifications you need to know very carefully because the more precious they are, the taster your espresso will become.

If you can control these three main factors, you can easily make fantastic espresso anytime at home, even without the pricey Italian espresso machine.

Roast the Coffee Beans:

The first and most important part of the espresso is perfectly roasting the coffee beans. Although traditional espresso contains dark beans, there is a debate among the espresso enthusiasts on what color beans are ideal for the best espresso.

Not only dark, but medium roasting beans also provides flavorful espresso. But I personally like the dark version because dark roasting beans contain more flavors.

Dark beans are also very easy to use compared to others. They contain more porous, which makes the flavors out. It comes because of the longer roasting time.

The Espresso Grounds:

When your beans are perfectly roasted, it is time to get the coffee grinder. When you are getting the grounds, you have to be very careful because you need only fine ground. They should not be finer or coarse.

If your grounds are coarse fine, they will not mix with the water, and if they are too fine, they will block the coffee filter. It will complicate the cleaning process when you try to clean it.

A manual grinder can do the job for you, but you have to use lots of energy and grinding to ensure consistency. But if you want to use an automatic grinder, be careful about your ground’s consistency.

The Espresso Pressure:

The pressure is the trickiest part of the espresso-making process. The ideal pressure for espresso is 15 bar. But it is not easy to get it, especially if you don’t have an espresso machine.

It looks like you need a superpower to do that, but it is not impossible. Although it is not an easy task but with a coffee maker, you can achieve this pressure.

While you are doing this, you need to be very careful because wrong pressure can change your favorite espresso’s taste. 

4 Easy Ways to Make Espresso with A Coffee Maker –

When you have all the ingredients ready, it is time to go to the main process. Here, I have described four simple and fast espresso-making methods with a coffee maker. They are given below:

1. The Drip Coffee Maker Method:

The Drip Coffee Maker Method is the easiest and simplest way of getting fantastic espresso without an espresso maker. To make espresso with a coffee maker.

You Will Need:

Drip Coffee Maker

Fine Coffee Grounds


Hot Water

Stove (to heat the water)

Coffee Cup

Step 1: First and important step is speed. First, you will have to ignore the water tank of the coffee maker to get the ideal speed. Because normal coffee-making speed is too slow, it will not work on espresso.

Step 2: After that, place a regular coffee filter in your drip coffee maker. Add coffee grounds into the filter. The amount should be two tbsp coffee grounds for every two ounces of water.

Step 3: Now pour little hot water over the coffee grounds and let it sit for 30 seconds. It will give time to the coffee to absorb the water.

While doing this, you have to make sure your coffee maker’s lid is open throughout the process. It will give you direct access to the machine, and you will add everything precisely.

Step 4: Then pour the rest of the hot water as fast as possible. Remove the pitcher and pour the espresso into your cup. You are ready to go.

Hot Water:

As you are not using the espresso machine, you will have to heat your water from somewhere else. I heat it on the stove. You can use it too. But keep in mind, the water should be nearly boiling, not boiling.


As you already know that the hardest part of espresso making is pressure. But if you have a drip coffee maker, you don’t need an espresso maker to deliver this pressure.

Your drip coffee maker can do that for you. But you have to be careful and wisely use the machine.

2. The Moka Pot Method:

Moka pot is another great way to make espresso with a coffee maker. They are mainly found in most European and Latin American homes.

Moka pots are designed to provide good steam and mix, which makes them perfect for espresso. They provide almost the best result every time.

You Will Need:

Moka Pot

Finely Grounds Coffee


Coffee Cup


Stove (to heat the water)

Step 1: Take your Moka Pot and add water until it reaches the pot’s fill line. Be careful about the amount unless you want diluted coffee. Because if you pour more water, your coffee will tasteless, and no one likes it.

Step 2: Now go to the basket and add four tbsp finely ground coffee.

Step 3: Then, place it on the Moka pot and set it up. After that, place the Moka pot on the stove and turn it on medium heat.

(The water heats up, building up steam pressure on the lower chamber. It pushes the coffee to the upper part of the Moka pot through the filter.)

Step 4: Keep a close eye on the hissing sound. When you see some brown foam is created shortly before the whole coffee, your espresso-making process is over.

Step 5: Now turn off the stove. But you have to fill the top part of the pot with coffee and when it is filled, remove it.

Step 6: Then, using a spoon, stir the coffee in the upper part of the Moka pot and pour it into your cup.

3. The AeroPress Method:

The AeroPress is popular for its double shot, but if you like a single shot there is an option for that too. For the single-shot, all you have to do is just cut the inputs into half, and it is done.

With the half input, you can enjoy Single-shot without sacrificing the flavor.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

You Will Need:



Coffee ground


A large Mug

Stove (for heat the water)

Step 1: Add one cup of water into a kettle and heat it until its temperature reaches between 85-96 degrees. It is the perfect temperature for espresso.

Step 2: Place a filter into the lower basket of the AeroPress and pour a small amount of hot water through it. It will warm it up. Now throw the water from the mug and attach the basket with the bottom part of the AeroPress.

Step 3: Now add two tbsp of coffee ground into the filter and shake the tube a little. It will help to settle the coffee grounds evenly. Then place the second filter on the top of the coffee grounds you have added.

Step 4: Then add half a cup of heated water into the AeroPress and stir quickly. Before you start plunging your hand, wait for 30 seconds. At first, there is some obstacle, but don’t stop; keep pushing.

Step 5: Once you get a full plunge, press out the receiving mug, and pour the collected coffee into a cup. Your espresso is ready to enjoy.

4. The French Press Method:

The French press is also an excellent way to make a good shot of espresso. With this method, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee right at home.

Although French Press needs bigger grounds than we usually use for the espresso, it gives a wonderful brew.

 French Press Coffee Maker

You Will Need:



French Press

Fine Coffee Grounds

A Pot

Step 1: Add adequate water into a kettle and boil it. The amount of water should be the amount of espresso you want. When the water is boiled, keep it aside for ½ minutes.

Step 2: Now, put coffee grounds into the French Press and add a small amount of hot water over it. Then let it rest for the next 30 to 45 seconds. It will help to bloom the coffee grounds and release the aroma. To get more flavor, add double the normal quantity you would use to make espresso.

Step 3: After 45 seconds, add more hot water into the French Press but don’t stir. If you stir, you may lose the flavor.

Step 4: Then close the lid at the top of the machine and wait for 3 to 4 minutes. The coffee will absorb the liquid during this time. There is a saying that the longer you wait, the strong and flavorful espresso you will get. But don’t leave it for too long, or it will be bitter.

Step 5: Give the plunger a steady and slow push. It will ensure even pressure. You have to do it halfway at first, pull up, and press it down fully.

Step 6: When the extraction is done, pour the coffee into a pot. It will preserve the flavors of the coffee before serving.

What Do You Need to Know About Making Espresso with a Coffee Maker?

Coffee makers are specially made for coffee, but they will also work great with espresso. You can also make some fantastic espresso with a simple coffee maker.

But to make espresso with a coffee maker, you have to keep a few things in your mind. They are given below:

1.    The first and most important thing is the beans. If you use bad or old beans, your espresso will not be flavorful. So, you have to use fresh beans.

2. Then you will need a premium quality grinder. If there is a problem heaving it, you have to buy only fresh and recently grind beans.

3.    The water you will use for your espresso and temperature are also important for the best espresso. It has a direct effect on the quality of the espresso. You need to use only filter water and the best temperature.

4.    Your coffee grounds should not be too coarse or too fine. Select only finely ground coffee grounds.

5.    You have to use the best quality filter. It would be best if you could have dioxin-free or oxygen-bleached paper filters. They are the best for espresso. You can also use a gold-plated filter; they also work great.

6. The machine’s optimal pressure should be more than 9 bar to make the best espresso because anything that extracted less than 9 bar pressures is nothing but a plain coffee. It isn’t an espresso at all.

Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Espresso with A Coffee Maker –

There are some common mistakes people usually make while making Espresso with a coffee maker. You have to avoid them if you want to make the best Espresso.

Wrong Brew Ratio:

Using the wrong brew ration is one of the most made mistakes we make while making Espresso with a coffee maker. You have to be very careful and avoid this mistake because wrong brew ratios can change your Espresso awful.

Improper Cleaning:

You have to clean your coffee maker before and after every use. Because if there is any dirt or leftover left in the coffee maker, it can mix with the Espresso and make an awkward tasting espresso.

What is the Brewing Time for Double and Single Shot Espresso?

The brewing time differs according to the espresso shot you want. If you want single-shot Espresso, it will need only 20 seconds, and if you want a double-shot Espresso, it will take 30 seconds.

Is Espresso Just Really Strong Coffee?

Yes, Espresso is the stronger version of the coffee. It is similar to coffee, just stronger. If you love coffee, you should definitely try Espresso. You will like Espresso too.

Is Espresso Better than Coffee?

Espresso is better and healthier than coffee. The making process of the Espresso makes it different from coffee. You don’t have to lose natural oils and minerals in the espresso-making process, making it healthier. An Espresso is also more flavorful, darker, thick, and creamy than coffee. You will love it.

Is It Ok to Drink Espresso Every day?

Espresso is considering a healthy drink. It has many health benefits such as it reduces stomach cancer, gets rid of tiredness, sleepiness, and helps refresh your mind. It also helps to fight diabetes.

Along with several healthy sides, there are some bad sides too. The most important is caffeine. Espresso contains caffeine which is addictive, and heaving too much of it can cause headaches and irritability.

So, yes, it is safe to drink Espresso every day. But don’t have too much or get addicted to it.

Can Espresso Make You Gain Weight?

The Espresso is a healthy drink. Espresso alone will not make you fat; instead, it will boost your metabolism and keep you healthy.

But if you have to avoid having sugar. Sugar can add extra calories to your body. So, be careful while you are adding sugar to Espresso. Without sugar, it is perfectly safe and healthy.

How Does Coffee Differ from Espresso?

After making Espresso in the regular coffee maker, the most common question that comes to our mind is, “How does coffee differ from Espresso?”. There is not much difference between them.

They look similar. The main difference between coffee and Espresso is the foam layer of the Espresso. Espresso has a signature foam layer on the top which is known as crema. Regular coffee doesn’t have it. It makes Espresso different from coffee.

Their making process is also different. Coffee makes in a normal pressure, while an Espresso makes with more than 9 bar pressure. Coffee makes with coffee beans, and Espresso makes with espresso beans. They are different. Espresso beans are darker, while coffee beans are brown and lighter.

You cannot make coffee with espresso beans or Espresso with coffee beans.

How Long Should the Espresso Sit Before Adding Milk?

Not long. Yes, the answer is not long. Espresso cannot sit a long time before adding milk. It can stay maximum of ten seconds; you have to add milk within these ten seconds.

Because Espresso is susceptible to oxidation and temperature loss, you have to work very fast if you want to have a fresh and flavorful espresso. Or it will lose its flavor within a few minutes.

Which is The Best Grind for Espresso?

Grinding is one of the most vital parts of espresso making. You have to be careful about the coffee grind you are using. Grind is directly related to flavor and taste.

If you did not choose the best grind, you would not make the best Espresso. The grind should be fine, not too coarse or too fine.

Too fine grinds will cause clog in the filter and make the cleaning process complicated. And too coarse grind will not mix with the water. So, it will not taste very good. Select only finely grind coffee grounds.

How Much Coffee Do You Put in an Espresso Machine?

To make the best Espresso, you have to use the accurate ingredient. It is the main key to excellent Espresso.

For per, 1 to 1.5 ounces espresso, you have to add 6 to 8gm of ground beans. It is a single shot of Espresso. And for the double shot, you will need 15gm grounds beans per two ounces of fluid.

How Many Shots of Espresso will Kill You?

No one has died heaving espresso till now, but overdose can cause health issues for sure. Not only Espresso, even if you drink too much water, but it will also cause you problems.

According to the UK Food Safety Authority, if you drink more than five Espresso shots in a day, it can cause health problems. So, it would be best to avoid it.

But if you have a health condition or are allergic to Espresso, it can kill you. In that case, do not drink Espresso without a doctor’s advice.


Now you know all the methods of making tasty Espresso with just a traditional coffee maker. I hope you don’t have to spend lots of money to have a good shot of Espresso from now. And you will make it at home.

I also hope that this article was helpful for you and answers all the questions you wanted to know. If yes, don’t forget to command and share your experience with me.

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