How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder?


You love to have coffee with freshly ground beans. But when you wake up you find out your grinder is not working. Nothing worse can happen than this. It is enough to ruin your entire day. If you are facing the same problem, don’t worry, there are many other ways to grind your coffee beans without a grinder.

Yes! You heard me right, with the help of some common kitchen tools, you can easily grind your coffee beans right at home and for that, you don’t even need a grinder. Grinding coffee beans without a grinder is a simple but tricky job to do.

Keeping this in mind, here I have discussed some easy and simple but effective ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder.

Ways of Grinding Coffee Beans Without a Grinder –

When it comes to grinding, there are many ways through which you can grind your beans without a grinder. I have divided these methods into main two sectors, Mechanically, and Manually.

To find the perfect way for you to grind your coffee beans without a grinder, sit tight and continue reading Patiently. And check out some of the easiest, simple, and fast methods to do that.

Mechanical Ways of Grinding Coffee Beans:

In the first part of my article, I have kept mechanical ways to grind coffee beans. Because they are easy, simple, and fast. With the help of some simple kitchen devices such as a blender, food processor, you can easily grind your coffee within minutes.

A Blender Method:

If your coffee grinder is not working but you have a blender in the kitchen half of your work is done. With a blender, you can grind your coffee beans to a good consistency.

But you have to be careful because the blender creates heat while blending, and your beans can burn during that and no one wants a burnt coffee. So, make sure the grinding process is not more than thirty seconds.

grind coffee beans with a blender

Here’s – How to Grind Coffee Beans with a Blender?

Step 1: Take out your blender and select the grinder or medium-high mood from the blender setting. Your blender has one of them on the setting.

Step 2: Then, open the lid and add coffee beans into the blender and close it. It should be around ½ cup. Once you have poured the desired amount of beans into the blender, place the lid on the top of the blender and make sure it fits perfectly.

Step 3: Now grind the beans from 20 to 30 seconds. But don’t do 30 seconds continuously instead do it by four or five seconds.

Step 4: While grinding if you want you can title the blender to the side for the best result. It will ensure the perfect consistency of your beans from everywhere.

Step 5: Now Take it off and empty the blender. Repeat this process as long as your coffee beans are not finished. Or you get your desired amount of coffee grounds.

Food Processor Method:

A food processor is also one of the best options you have. You can easily grind your coffee beans through it. A food processor will not grind like a grinder but this can save your day when you are in need.

This is a great option especially if you need to grind a bigger amount of beans. It has a big capacity compared to a blender, so you can grind all your coffee beans in minutes.

As it has a bigger capacity, and you don’t need all the coffee at the same time, just store them in an airtight bag or jar. They will stay fresh.

Here’s How to Grind Coffee Beans with Food Processor?

Step 1: Take your food processor and add coffee beans into it. And then carefully close the lid into its place.

One cup of beans will be ideal for a one-time attempt. But you can add according to the size of your food processor and your need.

Step 2: Now select the pulse setting and grind your beans for 20 to 30 seconds. But instead of doing 30 seconds at a time, do it by 5 seconds like the blender method.

You will get the perfect consistency within 30 seconds. To make sure the same size and consistency from everywhere tilt the food processor while grinding.

Step 3: Now take off the lid and empty the food processor. Pour them into your coffee maker and enjoy freshly made coffee in minutes.

Immersion or Hand Blender Method:

Immersion or hand blender is another grinding tool. When you are stuck in survival mode without a grinder, this small kitchen tool can save you from there.

How to Grind Coffee Beans with Immersion Blender

How to Grind Coffee Beans with Immersion Blender?

Step 1: Take a bowl and pour an adequate amount of coffee beans into it. Make sure your bowl is sturdy enough to endure the blenders and wide enough to fit the blender into it.

Step 2: Now attach your blender and make it ready to blend.

Step 3: Once it is ready to go, place the blender into the bowl, turn it on and start mixing. Make sure to shake the bowl a couple of times while mixing. It will ensure the perfect consistency. And you are done.

Step 4: Now empty the bowl into your coffee maker and enjoy your morning.

Manual Ways to Grind Your Coffee Beans:

The manual method is the way of grinding where you have to use your hand and physical strength to grind the coffee beans. Whether you don’t like blenders or food processors, or you don’t have any of them when the manual method comes.

Using some simple tools such as a rolling pin, knife, hammer, mortar, and pesto, you can grind your coffee beans with your own hand.

Mortar and Pestle Method:

When it comes to manual grinding, mortar and pestle come first. It is a common and available kitchen tool that we have in our kitchen. It is mainly used to crush spices and herbs but it can also be a great coffee beans grinder

This ancient tool needs little extra time and effort to grind your coffee beans but it effectively does that. The interesting part that I like about this tool is the using style. It is quite straightforward. I love to use it.

How to Grind Coffee Beans with Mortar and Pestle

Here’s How to Grind Coffee Beans with Mortar and Pestle?

Step 1: Prepare your Mortar and Pestle and clean it properly.

Step 2: Once it is clean, pour an adequate amount of coffee beans into the mortar. The amount should be according to the size of your mortar.

Because all mortar is not the same. Some have a big capacity, some medium, and some come with small capacity.

Step 3: When you have added the beans, now take the pestle and start swirling it vigorously. To prevent the beans from spreading into your kitchen surface, place one hand over the top of the mortar. And keep doing that until you get desire consistency.

While swirling, make sure to tilt it from time to time, this will ensure the perfect grinding size.

Step 4: When your beans are crushed, take them out from the mortar and enjoy your coffee. But don’t forget to store extra coffee grounds in the airtight bag or jar.

Rolling Pin Method: 

The next method I have added in my post is the rolling pin. It is also a great kitchen tool. You can also use this tool to grind your coffee beans. To grind your coffee beans with the rolling pin, all you need a rolling pin, a Ziploc bag, and lots of energy.

This is also a very old but popular way of grinding. People around the world use this technique to grind spice.

Here’s How to Grind Coffee Beans with Rolling Pin?

Step 1: Take a thick Ziploc bag and add coffee beans into it. But do not overfill the bag. Now Zip the bag mouth to ensure it does not scatter around your kitchen.

Step 2: Now place the bag on a flat surface and make sure all beans are in a single layer.

Step 3: After that, take the rolling pin and start applying gentle pressure on the bag. It would be best if you start from the bottom of the bag.

Step 4: Then roll the pin across the bag from bottom to top and make sure you have covered every inch of the bag.

Step 5: And when you get your desired consistency and texture of the coffee ground that you wanted, stop rolling and transfer them into the coffee machine. And enjoy your freshly ground coffee.

And if your Ziploc bag is finished, you can also use a parchment paper bag too for the job.

Pepper Mill Method:

My next option will surely impress you. You don’t need a fancy or expensive tool to grind your coffee beans at home. With a simple Wooden Pepper Mill, you can easily grind your coffee beans right at home.

A Pepper Mill is a very simple and straightforward kitchen tool to use. And there is hardly any kitchen where you will not find any pepper mill. So, let’s see the grinding process with a pepper mill.

How to Grind Coffee Beans with Pepper Mill

Here’s How to Grind Coffee Beans with Pepper Mill?

Step 1: Prepare the pepper mill. Empty it and make sure there is nothing left. If needed give it a quick clean to make sure the flavor doesn’t get mixed with spice.

Step 2: Once you are sure it is clean, pour coffee beans into the pepper mill and grind them. And you are done. Your beans are ground and ready to make coffee.

But if your pepper mill is not big enough to hold the whole beans, smash them and break them into little pieces and then add them into the pepper mill.

Kitchen Knife Method:

Kitchen without a knife, not possible right? It is a most versatile kitchen instrument. A kitchen knife is not only a cutting tool but also can be a great coffee beans grinder too. With a simple kitchen knife, you can save your morning while your grinder is not working.

Using a kitchen knife is the simplest grinding technique you can apply for a single serving. If you are a medium-grind coffee addict, a kitchen knife is an ideal method for you.

how to grind beans with a kitchen knife

Here’s – How to Grind Beans with A Kitchen Knife?

Step 1: First, take a cutting board and place coffee beans on the board. Make sure the board is big and strong enough to hold the beans and create pressure while crushing them.

Step 2: Now take the knife and place it on top of the beans. Lay the blade’s flat side against the beans. The ideal knife for the job is the big butcher knife. But you can also use any other big knife if you don’t have a butcher knife.

Step 3: Next, prevent the beans from flying away from the surface. For that, take a kitchen towel and lay it around the cutting board.

Step 4: After that, crush them by applying pressure on the flat top of the knife.

Step 5: While crushing, slowly stir the coffee beans and slide the knife forth and back. It will ensure even grinding from everywhere.

Hammer and Meat Tenderizer Method:

When it comes to smashing what can be better than a hammer. A hammer or Meat Tenderizer is the best tool for smashing your coffee grind. They are pretty handy too.

how to grind beans with hammer or meat tenderizer

Here’s – How to Grind Beans with Hammer or Meat Tenderizer?

Step 1: Take a Ziploc bag and put coffee beans into it then close the mouth.

Step 2: After that, take a cutting board and lay the bag on the board. Make sure the beans layer is thin. It will make sure to smash them at the first hit.

If you have doubt about your kitchen counter that it will not be able to bear the hit, place the board on a safer and sturdier surface.

Step 3: Now take a hammer or meat tenderizer and gently hit on the bean bag. Continuously hit it until you get your desired texture and consistency. But don’t beat them too hard.

Step 4: When your coffee beans come into the perfect texture, transfer them to your coffee maker. And within a few minutes, your coffee will be ready.

Hand Mincer or Garlic Press:

Grinding coffee beans in a hand mincer is pretty different from grinding with a grinder. Although different it is quite simple and straightforward.

But the only problem with the device is the hole. It has quite big holes. For that, you will have to repeat the process several times to get consistency. But if you have a hammer, it will be easier to get the perfect texture.


Here’s – How to Grind Coffee Beans with A Hand Mincer or Garlic Press?

Step 1: Take a hand mincer or garlic press and place a few coffee beans into it.

Step 2: Then press the mincer and continue pressing until all the coffee beans have passed through the holes.

You need to repeat this process until you get your desired amount of coffee grounds.

Frying Pan Method:

The last method I am going to the mansion is the fryer pan method. With this method, you can grind your coffee beans by simply just pressing them.

Here’s How to Grind Beans with A Frying Pan?

Step 1: Take a big chopping board and lay the coffee beans on it but it should be in a single layer.

Step 2: Now take your frying pan and place it on top of the beans. Make sure the flat or bottom side is on the beans.

Step 3: Then, gently crush them with the bottom side of the frying pan. Repeat this until you get your desired consistency.

Step 4: Now transfer the coffee grounds into the coffee maker and enjoy your coffee.

Important Tips to Know:

Always select the best and quality coffee beans to grind, it will ensure the best aromatic coffee.

Always make sure your grinding appliance is perfectly clean because coffee can easily soak up other scents, aroma, and flavor.

Always crush a small number of coffee beans at a time. It will give you the right consistency and ensure its flavor, aroma, and degree of kick.

Do not rely on the grinding time, instead, always make sure you are satisfied with the texture. So, check them by your hand before completing the grinding.

If you are confused about the grinding consistency that you should have for perfect coffee, always go for the medium-find or medium texture.

 For the best aromatic and flavorful coffee, make sure to grind your coffee beans just before making coffee.

 Always measure the coffee beans before crushing them. It will ensure the perfect consistency.

 Don’t use these alternatives regularly. Because a coffee grinder is specially made for grinding, so it would be best to let it do its job. A grinder is also an inexpensive and simple tool to have.

Don’t waste materials instead reuse them as long as possible. 

How to Choose the Right Grind for Your Brew Method?

Choosing the right grind that perfectly suits your brew method is one of the trickiest jobs. It is very important for your coffee. Because if you choose the wrong texture and consistency for your brew method you will lose the quality, flavor, and aroma of your coffee in seconds.

When it comes to choosing the right grind, there are six different grind sizes for different types of coffee methods. You will have to select the right grind size for your brew for the best aromatic coffee.

1. EXTRA COARSE GRIND: This grind is perfect for the cowboy coffee method. It is also great for a cold brew. Its texture is similar to peppercorns.

2. COARSE GRIND: It is perfect for French Press, Percolator, and cupping brew. This grind looks like heavy kosher salt and you will be able to feel it if you check the texture with your hand.

3. MEDIUM-COARSE GRIND: It is ideal for Chemex, Clever Dripper, and Conical Drip coffee maker and resembles almost coarse beach sand.

4. MEDIUM OR MEDIUM-FINE GRIND: If you want Aero-press, Conical Pour-Over brewer, or Flat-Bottomed Drip makers Medium-Fine or Medium grind is best for you. This grind resembles table salt.

5. FINE GRIND: It is perfect for Aero-press, Espresso, and Stove Espresso makers. Fine Grind is finer than table salt. Most of the pre-ground coffee comes in this texture.

6. EXTRA FINE GRIND: It is ideal for Turkish coffee which has the texture of flour or powdered sugar.

Pros and Cons of Coffee Grinding

Grinding your own coffee right before brewing is the best thing to do especially if you are a lover of freshly made aromatic coffee. Along with many good sides, there are also some bad sides to grinding.

Here I Tried to Highlight the Pros and Cons of Coffee Grinding:

Freshly ground coffee will enhance the taste of your coffee.You will have to use tools or devices to grind your coffee beans.
It will keep your ground fresh for longer.It will need lots of effort and energy.
It will provide you the best flavored and aromatic coffee.You cannot do it when you are traveling.
You don’t have to taste the pre-grind coffee beans.Using tools can be expensive

How Long Should You Grind Coffee Beans? 

The grinding time depends on the type and size of the beans you want. If you want coarse coffee grounds you will have to grind less time and if you want finer and powder-like ground it will take a little more time.

The average time for coarse grind is 8 to 10 seconds, for medium grind you will need 10 to 15 seconds and for a finer grind, you will need 20 to 30 seconds. It can be a few seconds more or less, according to the device you are using.

Now you know the grinding time for your coffee beans, So, experiment and have fun.

Can You Brew Coffee Beans without Grinding Them?

The straight answer is no. You cannot brew coffee beans without grinding them. Coffee beans contain lots of flavors, aroma, natural oils, and caffeine. But they will come out only if you grind them in a proper way.

Without grinding coffee beans, if you put them into the hot water, they will not mix with water and spread the flavor and natural oils. So, the coffee will not taste good instead it will be tasteless and plain.

To get the best coffee you will have to extract the flavor and natural oils of the coffee beans. Which makes grinding irreplaceable. So, simply there are no other options but to grind your coffee beans.

How Much Coffee Beans Should I Grind at One Time?

Freshly ground coffee beans are the main reason behind the delicious taste of your coffee. But if your coffee grounds are old or pre-grinded, they will not taste like this. This is why you should grind your coffee beans right before brewing.

And if you want to know how many coffee beans you should grind at one time, I will suggest you grind for a single serving. Only grind the number of beans you need to make coffee one time.

Because if you grind more, you will have to store them that may lose the flavor of the coffee. Maybe it will take a little time and effort but it is best to grind your beans before making coffee.

How Long Does Coffee Ground Last?

Coffee grounds last for two days. And longer than two days will reduce the aroma and flavor of the coffee. Although it is safe to drink if you want to know health-wise it won’t taste like freshly ground coffee.

So, I would suggest you use ground coffee as soon as possible. And don’t let them stay in the freezer for too long.

Where Should You Store Coffee Grounds?

If you have extra beans then you need to store them as soon as possible. And you can easily store them in your freezer. Just take an airtight bag, put coffee grounds into it and keep the bag inside the freezer.

But make sure to store it on the normal part of the freezer instead of the deep-freezing part. It would keep your coffee beans good for a very really long time.

You can also store the grounds outside of the freezer. Coffee grounds don’t rote or damage easily. So, you can easily store them in your kitchen cabinet. Just put them into an airtight bag or jar and keep them in your kitchen cabinet and you are done.

How Long Does Coffee Ground Stay Good in the Freezer?

The coffee ground can stay good and tasty around one year after storing them in the freezer. But make sure you have to store them in an airtight or vacuum-sealed bag or jar.

Food Processor VS Coffee Grinder?

Bothe the food processor and coffee grinder are great kitchen appliances. But when it comes to grinding coffee beans they work amazingly. They are similar to each other in many ways but there are also some differences between them.

Here I Have Highlighted the Differences Between Them.

Food ProcessorCoffee Grinder
Food Processor is a multi-purpose device.Coffee Grinder is specially made to grind coffee beans.
It has a larger capacity.It has a smaller capacity compared to a food processor.
It is inexpensive.It is a little more expensive than a food processor.
It will not provide the perfect texture and consistency that you want.It will always give you the perfect texture and consistency.
It does not have an adjustable Grind size.It has an adjustable grind size
It is best for food.It is best for coffee beans.


There is no alternative to freshly ground coffee beans for delicious and aromatic coffee. Freshly grinds beans can boost the aroma and improve its taste. And with any of the above-mentioned methods, you can grind your coffee and enjoy freshly made delicious coffee.

So, if you go home and find out your coffee grinder is not working, don’t be afraid. Read these methods, select your favorite one and start working now.

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