How to Choose the Best Gas Grill

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill

Having known the important factors that define the right gas grill to buy, it’s important to move further and know the must-have features you should not miss in the grill. The following factors will help you choose the best grill for your backyard or picnic grilling;

Cooking Space:

The cooking area of the grill is the top of the important factors. Think about the size of the family you own. It’s important to get the grill size that can prepare enough food to feed your family happily. What determines the size of the grill is the cooking area, usually given in square inches.

Know the quantity of food you usually prepare on a daily basis. Then let that guide you in narrowing down the grill size you need. If you own a larger family then go for the minimal cooking space of 400 square inches. That will give you enough space to prepare multiple foods at ago. At the same time, the type of food you usually prepare will also help you select the right grill size.

Body Material:

The material used in constructing the grill will determine its lifespan. The ideal case is to buy a grill that can serve you for several years without breaking down. Consequently, if your pocket allows, choose the sturdy stainless steel body. But the second-best alternative is cast iron or a thick aluminum body.

Don’t be fooled by some light gauge stainless steel body. A cast aluminum or heavy-gauge aluminum is best as it won’t rust and can last beyond 10 years, so check on the overall frame construction to if solid enough.

In addition, aluminum offers efficient and even heat conduction.

But if you can’t get thick cast aluminum then go for porcelain-coated steel or just stainless steel body.  Stay on the lookout for the gas grill where both the frame and the rest of the body feature quality stainless steel material. Before making a purchase you can test it with a magnet; if it doesn’t attract the magnet you can rest assured it’s a quality steel model.

Burner Type:

The performance of the gas grill is pegged so much on the type of burner it has.  If you need a burner that can last many years yet still produce bluish flame, then go for the perforated stainless steel tube burners. This type of burner is rustproof and extremely durable.

On the other hand, although cast iron burners will do, they have to be shielded from fat drops otherwise they will rust easily. Stay away from tin burners as they won’t last more than a year of grilling.

But if you need to give your meat the crunchy tasty edges then go for Infrared burners.  But ideally, choose the burner that incorporates infrared heating at the back or as the side burner.


We have the best gas grills that use liquid propane or natural gas. So know what you need; the propane-fueled or natural gas-fueled grill. Ensure that you have the natural gas line installed in your home before buying the grill that uses natural gas. Furthermore, know that it greatly hinders your movement.

On the other hand, if you choose the liquid propane gas, then you get to enjoy much portability. But if you wish to enjoy both (since natural gas is less costly in the long run) then buy the gas conversion kit.


The prices of gas grills vary greatly and they can compare to the price of a huge unit. Do you know you can get the best-rated gas grill for under $400, For instance? So it’s important to shop around with a budget in mind.

But don’t stoop too low because the price also dictates the features and efficiency of the BBQ equipment. For example, most moderately priced gas grills are suitable for grilling chicken, and burgers but not ribs.

Before settling for a grill, dig out and establish whether the stated price is inclusive of the propane tank or not.

Space Occupied By The Grill:

Before you buy the best gas grill of your choice, think of how much space it will occupy on your patio. Furthermore, you will have to keep it off the walls and plastic equipment ideally 2 meters. Make sure your patio can house it happily and leave you with some walking space too.

Otherwise, if you have limited space, then go for the grill that occupies a small footprint space. Also, the gas grill with collapsible side shelves helps to save on space.


The intensity of the heat produced another essential factor to consider. The heat ratings for gas grills are given in BTUs. So you have to know beforehand the amount of BTU you require for your grill or BBQ.

Remember grilling will be very difficult if you have a gas grill with less than 100 BTU/ square inches (unless it features infrared burners). So if you need the grill that provides fine grilling or BBQing then pick one with at least 100 BTU per square inches( dived the grill BTU rating by the size of the cooking area).

Reliable Ignition System:

The best gas grill should be easy to start every time. Anon’s reliable ignition system is not only time-wasting but also potentially dangerous. Ideally, it should be a matchless ignition system. Consequently, electronic or piezo igniters are the best option to consider. In an electronic igniter, all you have to do is push a button.


Most often might want some hot soup or side dish to go along with your grilled meat. Choosing the grill with the one or two-side burner is, therefore, an added advantage. It allows you to grill your meat and prepare a side dish at the same time. That allows you to finish your cooking in the shortest time possible.

Ease Of Accessing Gas Tank:

If you choose the propane-powered gas grill you will need to access the gas tank occasionally. When you run out of fuel you will have to remove the old tank and replace it with a new one. It’s therefore important to choose the gas grill that gives you an easy time in accessing, removing, and mounting the new gas tank back in place. Tanks mounted on carts and accessible from the front or side are ideal.

Quality Grates:

The quality of your grilling grates affects your cooking.  Low-quality grates will flake out, eventually rust, and degrade the taste of food. Ideally, it’s good to have either porcelain enameled cast iron or stainless steel grates on your grill. You can then cook for a longer period before the grates show signs of rusting.

But remember the lifespan of even the best quality grates depend on the type of care and use you subject it to.

Flavorizer Bars:

Have you ever experienced the irritation caused by flare-ups during grilling? While cooking, when the grease or fats drip off the meat and drop on the burner it catches fire instantly. Within seconds, it flare-ups and reduces the otherwise good meat to some inedible crap. The flavorizer bar or diffuser between the burner and food then becomes very necessary.  The fats drop won’t then reach the burner; instead, they will change into vapor or get absorbed by the lava rock and hence protects your meat from sustaining burns.

Extra Workspace and Storage Space Too:

The extra workspace on your grill gives you plenty of room to rest your saucers or BBQ tools while you tend to the meat. It’s thus an added advantage if you choose the grill with some side shelves. But if you have hooks on the side of the shelves, it’s even better; for you can hang your forks or other grilling tools within your reach.

At the same time, the storage space like the cabinet is helpful. It provides the perfect place to hide your items from the drizzle while you cook some meat.

Grill Lights:

Have you ever grilled meat into the night and craved some lights? Even though it’s possible to have an external light source, having the integrated light in the grill is best. You can thus have the light anytime you need it; no panicking about leaving the light behind.

Fuel Gauge:

Nothing annoys me like running out of gas in the middle of cooking time while camping. But when you choose to have the easy-to-read fuel gauge, such incidences will be history. You can thus know the amount of fuel you have in the tank before you begin your cookery work.


Having realized that gas grills attract a significant cost, you would wish to do anything possible to extend their lifespan. One way to do that is to shield it from direct sunlight, rain, or snow by using the BBQ cover.


At times there comes a need to relocate a grill. For example, after cooking you may wish to store it safely in the garage. If you foresee changing locations with the grill, then invest in sturdy wheels that roll easily over pavements.  If you will be using it mostly on uneven grounds then go for larger wheels. Otherwise, caster wheels fit even floors.


When shopping for the best gas grill it’s important to consider the safety features of the equipment. For example, if the equipment is designed with the cool to touch handle, it reduces the chances of getting burnt while holding the lid.  At the same time, it’s good to have the match rod feature too; when an igniter fails, the match rod will help you light up the gas grill safely without getting burnt.


Gas grills exist under different capacities and prices. Whether you need a portable or medium-sized grill you are sure to find it from the above review list. With the help of the guide, it should be easier to choose the best gas grills to suit your purpose.

Although the guide lists several essential features, it isn’t easy to find all of them in one grill gas. To know the most important features that you will need. Knowing the essential feature will help you compare gas grills and come up with the most efficient model. And then choose your best grill.

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