What is the Difference Between Microwave and Convection Oven?

difference between microwave and convection oven

The Microwave and Convection ovens are the two most common and conventional modern kitchen appliances. They are very useful devices that come with similar looks and do almost the same job. The main job of both Microwave and Convection Ovens are cooking, and heating the foods. But the difference is how they do it.

Microwave and Convection Oven will fasten your cooking and boost your kitchen life by minimizing the time and efforts. But if you want to know which one is better for you, it really depends on your day’s cooking needs.

In this article, I have described the difference in details between Microwave and Convection Oven which will help you to decide the better one. The information is based on my own experience so don’t get confused by any wrong information.

What is the Difference Between Microwave and Convection Oven?

To know the difference between them, first, you have to know what is a Microwave and what is a Convection Oven. I have discussed them below.

What is The Microwave?

The Microwave is a modern electric cooking device that was discovered in the 1930s but becomes popular in the late 1960s. Since then its popularity spreads throughout the whole world and becomes an important part of our kitchen life.

The main purpose of this machine is to cook food. And when it comes to cooking, Microwave’s cooking methods are different from Conventional Oven. It does not generate heat to cook food instead it cooks foods heating the water molecules in the food.

A Microwave is a very fast heater. It can heat foods in just a few minutes making it one of the quickest heating tools. The Microwaves are also ideal for baking, steaming, heating refrigerated, canned and frozen foods.

I am personally using Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave. According to my experience, it is the best Microwave for the whole market. You can consider this as a strong candidate. I will strongly recommend this great device.

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Good Side:

It is super-fast when it comes to heating the food

It is very user-friendly

Easy and simple to use

Easy to clean

It is great for defrosting food

Ensure hygienic cooking

It has a low chance of burning food

Included advance and latest technology

Bad Side:

It is weak when it comes to large amounts of cooking.

Sometimes it provides uneven cooking.

What Is the Convection Oven?

Convection Ovens are also a very handy and popular cooking device popular for their slow cooking. It commercially came to the market in 1967 since then it gained lots of fame and appreciation. Although it is not the latest technology, Convection ovens have become popular in the last few years.

The Convection Oven is known as a turbo oven or fan oven. They are similar to traditional and conventional ovens which have two heating elements. One is located on the top and the other one is located at the bottom.

Unlike Microwave, Convection Oven generates heat to cook foods and its fans distribute the heat evenly throughout the whole Oven. So, you will get fast and even cook food every time.

One of the best advantages of a Convection Oven is that you can cook different types of foods at a time in a Convection Oven.

If you want you can go with a Convection Oven too. According to my survey, Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Countertop Microwave Oven with Convection is the best one in the market. I am not saying this only based on online information, my relatives use it, and I got information from them.

Good Side:

It cooks foods quicker and more evenly.

There is a low-temperature cooking setting that allows for low-temperature cooking.

At a time, it can cook more than one dish.

There are no hot or cold spots.

Bad Side:

If you are not careful the fan can ruin your dish.

Compare to Microwave it is a fragile machine.

Microwave VS Convection Oven

Whether it is Microwave or Convection Oven the main purpose is to simplify your cooking with less preparation time. Microwaves are best in certain factors while Convection Ovens are better in some other factors. So, you will have to be careful about your needs while selecting your device.

If you are still confused about which one will be best for your kitchen here, I have described the difference between them in detail.

Working Process of Microwave and Convection Oven:

To know your device better, it would be best to understand how it works. It will also help to determine whether you want Microwave or Convection Oven.

Working Process of Microwave:

The Microwaves are the latest device that comes included with modern technology and features. They don’t cook foods with traditional methods like generating the heats. Instead, they use electromagnetic waves to heat the water molecules.

In this process, these water molecules are heated from the inside and cook the food even faster. It makes the Microwave unique and different from Convection Oven.

Working Process of Convection Oven:

Convection Ovens are more on the traditional side. They use traditional methods to cook foods. Like the traditional ovens, convection ovens generate heat inside them and their built-in fan distributes the heat throughout the full oven.

In this process, the cooking is fast and you will get evenly cooked food every time without any cold or hot spots.

Power Source of the Microwave and Convection Oven:

Power is like the soul of any device. Without power your device can not run, they are just useless. So, power is also an important factor to consider.

Power Source of the Microwave:

Microwaves are electric devices that run on electricity. You can use this machine anywhere with electricity. But you can not use a Microwave on gas which makes it a limited power source tool.

Power Source of Convection Oven:

On the other hand, Convection Ovens can be used on electricity or gas which gives it the advantage over Microwave. This means Convection Ovens can be used from anywhere whether you have electricity or gas.

Although Convection Oven can run on electricity and gas, an electric convection oven is more efficient and reliable.

Cooking Time of The Microwave and Convection Oven:

In this modern and busy world everyone wants a fast and hassle-free device because no one likes to wait too long for their food. Before getting your device you also need to check the cooking time of the machine.

Cooking Time of Microwave :

The Microwave is a fast heater but when it comes to cooking it needs time. It can reheat any kind of food within minutes but it is slower than Convection Oven in cooking. This is where Convection Oven is ahead on Microwave.

Cooking Time of Convection Oven :

Compared to Microwave, Convection Ovens have great cooking mechanisms. It can generate great heat and cook foods fast. They are popular for evenly cooking. So, you don’t have to wait for long.

The Best Uses of the Microwave and Convection Oven:

Why you want your device will determine which type of the machine you need. So, make sure your cooking needs are chosen according to that.

The Best Uses of the Microwave:

When it comes to reheating or warming foods, Microwaves will leave behind the Convection Oven. It is way faster but with no risk of burning. There is a timer on the Microwave that allows you to set a timer and after that time it will stop automatically.

It is also ideal for, defrost foods, heating frozen foods, milk, making popcorn, boiling water, caramelizing foods, and even making pasta.

The Best Uses of the Convection Oven:

The Convection Oven is the most versatile cooking machine. It is capable of cooking almost any type of food. They are also ideal for baking, browning, grilling, roasting. You can also caramelize the food with Convection Oven.

The Cooking Capacity of the Microwave and Convection Oven:

Cooking capacity is also important for any device. There are many devices that come in various sizes and capacities. Select one according to your needs.

The Cooking Capacity of the Microwave:

The capacity will differ according to the size of the microwave. You can get a large or small Microwave according to your requirements.

The Cooking Capacity of the Convection Oven:

The Convection Ovens also come in various sizes and a capacity. It can be small or big. You have to choose anyone that fulfills your needs. But Convection Ovens have a large capacity compared to Microwave.

The Cleaning of the Microwave and Convection Oven:

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a Microwave or Convection Oven, you have cleaned your device regularly before and after use. It would be best if you could buy a machine that is easy to clean and maintain.

The Cleaning of the Microwave:

When it comes to cleaning, the Microwave is really easy to clean. There is nothing much to do, all you have to do is just take a cloth or sponge dipped it into the soapy water and wipe the full Microwave properly and you are done.

The Cleaning of the Convection Oven:

On the other hand, Convection Ovens are a little hard to clean compared to Microwave. It takes little effort to clean. Inside the oven, there are some places where food can get stuck and the metal food rack will take time and effort to clean.

Cost of the Microwave and Convection Oven:

Cost is another important part of the device that you are having. Doesn’t matter how useful and great capacity it has, if you cannot afford it nothing actually matters. So, you have to check the cost of the device along with the other features.

Cost of the Microwave:

The Microwave has a various size and capacity which also differs the cost of the machine. There are many low-budget and high-budge machines. You can get one according to your requirements.

Cost of the Convection Oven:

Compared to the Microwave, The Convection Ovens are expensive. If you want to get a good Convection Oven, it will cost you at least 100 dollars while a good Microwave will cost only 50 dollars.

Comparison Table Between Microwave and Convection Oven

The MicrowaveThe Convection Oven
A microwave is an electric device that runs only electricity.A convection Oven can run on both electricity and gas.
It cooks food by heating the water molecules inside the machine.It cooks food circulating the heat around the appliance.
It cooks relatively slower than Convection OvensIt cooks faster
Sometimes it cooks foods unevenlyIt always cooks foods evenly
It has relatively smaller capacityIt has larger capacity than Microwave
It is very easy to cleanIt takes little effort to clean
It is cheaper than Convection OvenIt is little expensive
It is ideal for reheating, defrost foods, heating milk, boiling water, making popcorn and making pasta.It is ideal to cook any type of food along with roasting, grilling, baking, browning.

Final Words:

With the above description, now you know the difference between the Microwave and Convection Oven. Now you can easily separate which one is better for you and which will perfectly fulfill your requirements.

But I would suggest you to determine your kitchen needs first and only then select your cooking machine.

If you want to know more about the best Microwave Oven available on the market, Check out my article on the Best Microwave Ovens Review with Buying Guide.

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