Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle Review Of 2021

Coffee is the first drink that everyone wants in the morning and it is that drink that is improved with hot water and gives a delicious taste in it. Most importantly for any office work in offices coffee is an indispensable part and parcel to energetic our body and mind also. “Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle” The pour-over kettle is a professional way of brewing your coffee or tea.

This machine allows you to prepare your coffee like a true barista by providing you with a lot of control over the amount of hot water that you use when brewing a coffee. Indeed, every art has its set of tools, and when it comes to coffee, then a pour-over kettle is one of them. Therefore, if you are serious about your coffee, then you must have this coffee accessory in your arsenal.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle


The Coffee Gator pour over kettle ‘AYNCHKG079633’ makes coffee so good you won’t want to leave your home. This is a genuine concern that we have had (completely unsubstantiated) reports of people making such incredible coffee in their own homes they have been refusing to leave. “How could I leave the flat when the best coffee I have ever had is in there?” wailed one (fictitious but entirely plausible) customer.

For the coffee you need a steady, even flow of water at the right temperature, for perfect hand drip. Too hot: your beans are scorched and too cold: the flavor is trapped. Its gooseneck spout produces a smooth flow and the built-in thermometer unlocks the complex oils, flavors, and aromas.

If you are still reading this far down the description, you are probably already well aware that hand drip coffee is the way forward. There is no complicated machinery, no plastic capsules, and no electricity required. Sure, it takes a bit more time, but it is about the experience. It’s about the ritual. It is about making something special, and being able to share it.

So dance like there nobody watching. Love like you will never be hurt. Sing like there is nobody listening, and make your coffee with the Coffee Gator pour over the kettle. This can be used with induction, halogen, gas, or electric ranges.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle
  • Product dimensions: 10.2 x 6.2 x 5.4 inches.
  • Item weight: It is 1.17 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Coffee Gator.
  • Size: 34Floz.
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity: 1 liter.
  • Height: 12.5cm or 5 inches.

Enjoy exceptional coffee at home. This Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle is the Lamborghini of the coffee world. ‘Won’t it make me look like one of those ridiculous hipsters?’ Nope, you’ll just be drinking better coffee and looking like a pro while you’re making it.

It is engineered in medical-grade stainless steel with a gooseneck spout for smooth water flow (essential for hand drip perfection). This is the only kettle with a unique triple-layer base so it works on all stove-tops and stays rust-free and safe for decades.

When water is too hot it scorches your precious beans and burnt coffee makes everyone sad. Too cold and you will never reach the full flavor potential. This machine’s built-in temperature gauge eliminates guesswork and disappointment and delivers more smiles per cup.

Now with it drink better coffee. The search for coffee that makes you smile ends here but unlike the competition, we never compromise on quality, service or your happiness.

We are only happy when you are. Everything we sell is covered by our 100% satisfaction promise and we had 9,804 positive reviews last year. You could be enjoying the coffee experience of a lifetime as soon as tomorrow so choose wisely.


How To Use Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle?

Step 1

Measure 13floz (375ml) water into your kettle. ‘But you said we’re making 12floz (350ml), didn’t you?’ I know – stay calm: you need a little more than what you’ll produce as some are lost as steam and some stay soaked in the coffee.

The choice of water is somewhere you can easily make quick gains. (Your boss at work probably calls this sort of thing something annoying like ‘low-hanging fruit’).

Tap water is full of all sorts of chemicals that end in ‘ium’ and ‘ine’ that won’t do you any harm but don’t do coffee any flavors. Tap waterworks. Filtered is good. Bottled is better.

Step 2

If you buy coffee pre-ground then the world will continue turning. But you’ll honestly notice the difference if you can grind it fresh. For pour-over, we’re after a medium grind – something like caster sugar if possible. Pop your brewer on a scale, zero the weight and add the ground coffee to the filter. Give the filter a little shake to flatten out the coffee.

Step 3

Before you heat your water, warm-up your mug with some hot tap water so your drink stays hot for longer. Stick your water in the kettle and get heating. Aim for around 205°f (96°c). Too cold and your coffee will be under-exposed and tasteless. Too hot and it can scorch your beans.

Either way, it won’t be the 100% we’re aiming for. If you don’t have a thermometer to hand then boil the kettle and let it stand for a minute before you start pouring.

Step 4

Start a timer (you’ve probably got one on your phone if there isn’t one on your scale). Carefully pour enough water over the coffee in a spiral motion from the inside – out.

Avoid pouring directly on the rim of the filter if at all possible or the water will run through without properly contacting the coffee and picking up the flavor.

This is exactly why people use gooseneck kettles that make accurate pouring easy. If you used freshly ground coffee you’ll see it puff up and ‘bloom’ round about now.

Step 5

Wait 30 seconds for the water to stop dripping through then pour again in the same spiral action. You want to aim to pour all the water out over 3 minutes if you can.

If you go over or under 3 minutes then the coffee will taste revolting and also poison you (only joking – it’ll be fine – coffee doesn’t have a stopwatch).

Step 6

Take off the filter, put the used grounds in the organic waste (or sling it down the sink if you’re lazy and don’t mind blocking it), pour coffee into the mug – enjoy the absolute living daylights out of it.

Congratulations – you have just made pour-over coffee like the pros.

How To Clean It?

When you use it for months, electric kettles can build up mineral deposits from the water you are using. It is worth taking the time to give it a thorough clean. But you don’t want to clean it with anything that’s not food-safe or that will be too harsh. So here’s how you need to clean an electric kettle.

What You Need:

Distilled white vinegar


Scrubby brush (like a bottle brush)

Microfiber cloth


MIX THE SOLUTION: In a measuring cup, combine equal parts of vinegar and water together.

POUR IT INTO THE KETTLE: Pour the mixture into the kettle and if you want you can pour the vinegar and water directly into the kettle. But if you don’t want to eyeball it, one extra step isn’t so bad after all.

TURN ON THE KETTLE: Then let the solution boil and turn the kettle off, unplug it, and let it cool down.

CLEAN THE OUTSIDE OF THE KETTLE: Once it is cool, dip your microfiber cloth into the mixture and use it to wipe the exterior of the kettle.

SCRUB THE INSIDE: Use the brush to give the inside a scrub and make sure you get all the corners!

RINSE: After that pour out the solution and rinse with water and pour out it.

RUN A PLAIN WATER CYCLE: Then boil a pot of plain water once or twice and dump it. This will remove any remaining vinegar odor or taste into the kettle plus, the hot water is good for your drain!

There are hundreds of coffee makers, devices, and gadgets out there in the market. Supermarkets shelves are filled to bursting with coffee gear old and new and it seems like an impossible task to keep up with the latest trends.

When many people think of coffee gear, they picture the classic diner coffee maker or large electric grinders.

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