Can You Put Paper Towels in the Oven?

Can You Put Paper Towels in the Oven

Can You Put Paper Towels in the Oven?

Paper towel is one of the best and most used products in recent times. There is hardly any product that we used this much. From developed to developing countries paper towels are greatly used everywhere. A developed country uses almost 20 billion paper towels every year.

Using paper towels in the oven is a very conventional sight we see in many kitchens. And assisting in cooking is one of the main jobs of a Paper towel. But the surprising fact is, paper towels are not safe in the oven.

The next question arises, then how do people use it in the oven so easily? It’s because the paper towel’s ignitions range is higher than the temperature generated in the oven while cooking.

So, yes! You can put the paper towel in the oven until your oven’s temperature is under control. Just keep the range below 250 degrees, and you’re good to go.

Is It Safe to Put Paper Towels in the Oven?

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As you already know that you can put the paper towel in the Oven, but the important question is that, is it safe? The main problem or accident that happens with the paper towel in the Oven is, it catches fire and burns down. The fire can seriously damage your Oven as well as your kitchen.

If you do not notice and extinguish the fire soon, it will spread in the full kitchen along with the Oven and burn everything, which makes paper towels dangerous for your device and your family. They can put your full family’s life in danger. So, paper towels are not safe to put in the Oven.

But if there is an emergency, you can use it, but you have to be very careful. You have to stay alert as long as your paper towel dish does not come out of the Oven. To do that, first, make sure your oven temperature is lower than 250 degrees, and then put your dish into the Oven and keep a close eye on the Oven.

What Temperature Does Paper Towel Catch Fire?

The Paper towel is a combustible product. But to catch fire, it needs a certain range of temperature. It will not catch fire until the temperature rises higher than its ignition range. The actual flashpoint of a paper towel is 451 degrees.

Yes, you are right, paper towels burn at a very high temperature. It is safe as long as the temperature is under 250 degrees, but it can cause havoc in high temperatures.

The Uses of Paper Towel:

A Paper towel is a very handy and convenient tool to use in the kitchen. It is the reason everyone wants to use it while cooking. Not only easy to use, but it is also very handy. You can use a paper towel way more than you know, such as baking, storing, filtering, even soaking, and many more. Here I have discussed some of them.

Bread Wrapper –

Paper towel is a great wrapper. If you don’t want to have soggy bread, wrap your bread loaves with a paper towel before storing them in the freezer. You will get fresh bread every time.

Seeds and Herbs Storing –

Paper towel is made with a natural element which gives it the softness. This softness makes it ideal for storing various seeds and herbs. Just take seeds in the paper towel and wrap and keep them.

Cover for Foods –

You can use a paper towel to cover your food. It will keep them safe and free from dust.

Moisture Retainer –

It can also be used as a moisture retainer. But to retain moisture, you need to cover it with a wet paper towel. Take a wet paper towel and cover up your brown sugar. It will keep the brown sugars moisture inside and prevent them from drying out.

Absorbing Paper –

One of the most popular uses of paper towels is absorption. It can soak every liquid, including water, oil, gunk, and grease. Paper towels absorb excess fluid from the food and keep the oven clean.

Wiper Paper –

This paper is soft and very comfortable to use. If there is anything dropped in the oven or kitchen counter, you can easily wipe it. Take a paper towel and wipe it out.

Alternative to Coffee Filters –

You can also use a paper towel as an alternative to coffee filters.

Cast Iron Pans and Dishes Rubber –

Paper towel is also great to rub. Whether it is cast iron pans or dishes you can rub them easily with a paper towel because paper towel’s soft properties help to rub.

Baking Paper –

You can also use it for baking at low temperatures. On the paper towels, you can bake brownies and cookies. But you have to be careful the temperature should not go above 451 degrees; otherwise, it will catch fire.

Paper towel has many more uses along with these mentioned above which makes it a versatile tool. But it doesn’t matter for what reason you use a paper towel; I would suggest you do it carefully.

Can I Put Paper Towels in the Microwave?

The straight answer is Yes! You can put the paper towel in the microwave. If you want to know this question’s answer in detail, you would be surprised to learn that Paper towels are considered microwave safe. So, it is safe to put paper towels in the oven. But paper towels are flammable; to reduce the probability of catching fire, you can spread a few drops of water over the paper towel.

But all paper towels are not the same. Some of them are made with flammable chemicals, which increase the risk. You have to be very careful while you are buying paper towels. Check the used chemicals and the purpose of the product carefully.

Can I Dispose Paper Towels Down the Flush?

Paper towels look almost the same as tissue or toilet paper. Seeing this, you can assume that it is easily disposable, and you can flash it down. To be honest, when I first saw paper towels, I guess the same. You can also think that you can use them instead of toilet paper. But the truth is a little different.

A paper towel is hard to dispose of.  Paper towels do not dissolve quickly like tissue or toilet paper in the water. Instead, it takes two weeks to a month to dissolve properly. And if you use paper towels regularly and flash down the pipe, they will blockage the line.

So, I would suggest you not dispose of them by flashing down instead of throwing them into the dustbin. It is the best solution for you and your pipes.

Can Paper Towels be Recycled?

Paper towels are made of paper products. So, it is relevant to think that paper towels are recyclable. But it is not true. One of the most interesting facts about paper towels is that they are not recyclable. Because they are not like other paper products, they are already made of recycled paper products.

And the more you recycle the paper product; the more their fibers tend to get shorter. And with the recycle, their risk of getting bacteria got higher. It is why they are not recyclable. Paper towels are the last stage for their life cycle. But this doesn’t mean they are not good or polluted; you can use them without worry. They are super safe to use.

How to Compost Paper Towels?

Yes! Paper towels are perfect for making compost. They are similar to any other paper products, especially when it comes to composting. Clean paper towels are better for compost than dirty paper towels because all dirty paper towels are not suitable for composting.

If you have clean oil or butter with paper towels, you should not use it to make compost. Compost is a fully natural process; there is no place for chemicals.  And if you have cleaned chemicals with a paper towel, keep them away for compost because chemicals are not good for compost.

But all dirty paper towels are not bad for compost. If you have clean water, dirt, or dust with paper towels, you can use the paper towel to make compost.

Alternative to Paper Towels –

Although paper towels are a versatile and very convenient product, there is no denying that some risk also comes with these paper towels. To avoid those risks, it is recommended that you should use some alternative. I have discussed some of them below.

Cotton Napkins –

Instead of paper towels, you can use cotton napkins. They are very sustainable and very versatile to use. But it will be best if you use a washable napkin. You can wash it and use it multiple times.

Beeswax Wraps –

Beeswax wraps are also a great alternative to paper towels. They are reusable and soft enough to mold, making them perfect for wrapping all shapes of foods. You can wrap any food.

Dishcloths –

Dishcloths are clothes that we used in the kitchen to wipe and dry dishes after washing. Dishcloth is also washable, and you can use them again and again. They are usually made with microfiber or cotton. They are very safe to use.

Linen Napkins –

Paper towels Another excellent alternative is a linen napkin. Linen napkin is much stronger than cotton napkins. They have a more absorbent capacity than cotton napkins. And also ideal for rubbing the dishes while cleaning.

Zip Lock Bags –

Ziplock bags are types of sandwich bags which are made with recycling products. It is also a great alternative that you can use instead of a paper towel.

What Are the Risks of Putting a Paper Towel in The Oven?

Although it is very convenient and handy use, it has some risks too. Here are the chances of putting paper towels in the oven. 

Fire Risk –

As you already know, paper towels are flammable and putting them in the oven increases fire risk. It can catch fire in high power and destroy your kitchen along with the oven. If you did not turn it off in time, the fire could spread in the whole house too.

Damage to the Oven –

When the paper towel burns, the first thing it damages is the oven. The fire can seriously damage the oven internally. But if you can turn off the fire quickly, maybe you will stop the serious damage.

Electric Blow Out –

When there is a fire in the oven, a short circuit also occurs, and all electronic lines will be burned too. Not only the oven but also the full house will experience a sudden electric blowout.


Paper towels are essential kitchen accessories that will fasten your kitchen work. They are made for cleaning, serving, and helping to cook. And they are perfectly safe in the oven at low temperatures.

But maybe you have already understood that putting the paper towel in the oven is a bad idea. There are many more safe and cheap alternatives available in the market. I would suggest you use one of the other options instead of a paper towel. It will keep you and your family safe.

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