Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Food Processor?

How to Grind Coffee Beans with A Food Processor

 The straight answer is Yes. You can easily grind coffee beans in your food processor. 

There are hardly any people who don’t like to wake up with a sip of freshly made coffee. But it gets worse when you wake up and find out your coffee grinder is not working. Don’t panic, keep calm, and think. Do you have a food processor in the kitchen? 

Yes, a simple food processor can save your day. With this device, you can grind your coffee beans and make your morning more flavorful. So, stop worrying and start working.

How to Grind Coffee Beans with A Food Processor?

A food processor is one of the best alternatives to a coffee grinder that you can find in your kitchen. It is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that works great on coffee beans.

With the help of a food processor, you can grind a large number of coffee beans. Which makes it ideal for people who want to grind coffee beans for a group of people. So, let’s find out how to grind coffee beans in a food processor.

Here’s How to Grind Your Coffee Beans with A Food Processor:

Step 1: Prepare your food processor and clean it properly. Then add an adequate amount of coffee beans into it.

Step 2: Now press the “On” button five times and every time keep it down for two seconds. The “On-Off” button is located on the bottom of the food processor.

It would be best to start your food processor at a slower speed so that you can see how fine the coffee beans are.

Step 3: While doing this, gently shake or tap the machine. It will separate the coffee particles from the wall and fall them down near the processor blade.

Step 4: Then press the “High” button of the machine for thirty to forty-five minutes and be careful to keep an eye on the consistency and texture of the beans.

Step 5: When the coffee grounds are about 1/8 inch across with some finer particles, remove the grounds from the processor.

Step 6: Shake the processor gently and it will gather all spreading grounds into the bottom of the machine. Then open the cover of the processor and remove them.

If you want you can pour the direct to your French Press carafe or keep them in your coffee jar.

Step 7: Now take a pastry brush or paintbrush and sweep out the remaining coffee grounds from the food processor. Congratulations, you have successfully ground your coffee beans with a food processor.

What Type of Ground A Food Processor Produces?

There is a motor-driven blade into the food processor that spins during grinding and provides two types of coffee grounds Coarse and Medium-fine. With them, you can make some delicious coffee.

So, whether you want coarse or medium-fine coffee grounds, a food processor is the ideal tool for you.

Coarse Ground:

When you start grinding, coarse is the first grinding state that comes to the beans. This grind looks like heavy kosher salt and you will be able to feel it if you check the texture with your hand. The coarse ground is perfect for French Press, Percolator, and cupping brew.

And a food processor is the best appliance that can provide you the coarse grounds. Simply “Pulse” the processor and you can have your coarse ground in minutes.

Medium-Fine Grind:

A medium-fine grind coffee ground that is mainly used to brew Aero-press or Conical Pour-Over brewer. It is similar to table salt. Using a food processor, you can easily grind medium-fine ground in a few minutes.

What is the Difference Between Coffee Grinder and Food Processor?

Bothe the food processor and coffee grinder are great kitchen appliances. But when it comes to grinding coffee beans, they are irresponsible.

They are similar to each other in many ways but there are also some differences between them. Here I have highlighted the differences between them.

Coffee GrinderFood Processor
A grinder comes with blades that are physically abrasive enough to smash and break coffee beans.A food processor comes with a very sharp blade that can cut any type of food, vegetables, and fruits
Coffee Grinder is specially designed to grind coffee beansFood Processor is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance.
It has a smaller capacity compared to a food processor.It has a larger capacity.
It is a little more expensive than a food processor.It is inexpensive.
It will always give you the perfect texture and consistency.It will not provide the perfect texture and consistency that you want.
It has an adjustable grind size.It does not have an adjustable Grind size.
It is perfect for coffee beans.It is perfect for food.
It is best for crushing, cutting, and smashing.  It is best for chopping, slicing, grating, shedding, blending, etc.

What Brewing Method is Best for a Food Processor? 

With a food processor, you can easily grind your coffee beans. It will not grind like a grinder but this can save your day when you are in need. This is a great option especially if you need to grind a bigger amount of beans.

It has a big capacity compared to a blender, so you can grind all your coffee beans in minutes. And you can serve a group of people at a time. But if you want to know which brewing method is best for a food processor, it is the Pour-Over coffee-making method.

Pour-over brewing needs medium-fine coffee grounds and a food processor is the best known for producing medium-fine coffee grounds. This makes the pour-over brewing method best for a food processor. 

Final Word – How to Grind Coffee Beans with A Food Processor?

Freshly grounded coffee is the only ingredient that can make your ordinary coffee into a great cup of coffee. This is why coffee lovers grind coffee beans right before they need them. And there are quite many ways to grind your coffee beans.

Using a food processor is one of the best methods to do it after a coffee grinder. So, if your coffee grinder is not working but you need a cup of a fresh cup of coffee, close your eyes and go for the food processor.

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